Dhallywood 2014: Better Films, Bigger Contest, More Audience

If You Think 2013 Has Been a Good Year for Dhallywood; It is nothing compared to the year 2014. By Looking At 2014 Films, You will be impressed with the difference Dhallywood Directors, Actors and Audience has made in these recent years. Dhallywood saw release of only 53 Films This Year. But More than 150 Films are lined up for release in 2014, and They are Bigger, Better, and More Entertaining. Here is a list of Most Anticipated Films of 2014:
  • AGNEE        


Agnee is the first surprise of the year 2014; Made with a budget of 6 Crores Taka and shoot completely in Thailand. Agnee is reportedly the most expensive film produced by Jaaz Multimedia, and also directed by Iftekhar Chowdhury. The Film Stars Arefin Shuvo and Mahiya in Lead Roles. The Film is scheduled to Release on Valentines Day; 14th February 2014.

  • Most Welcome 2


Ananta Jalil is back with Bang! 2014’s Biggest Surprise is Most Expensive Bangla Film of All Time Most Welcome 2. Reportedly Made with a Budget of 20 Crores, Most Welcome 2 Has All that is to offer. The Film is a sequal of 2012’s Blockbuster ‘Most Welcome’ and The Film will star Ananta Jalil, Afiea Nusrat Barsha, Shimul Khan and Bipasha Basu in Special Appearance Role. The film is expected to release on Eid 2014.
  • Hero – The Superstar


Made with a huge budget of 8 Crores, Hero The Superstar is the first film of Shakib Khan’s Production SK Films. The Film will star Shakib Khan, Apu Biswas and Eamin Haque Bobby. The film will be shoot in England, Scotland and Ireland. The film will release late 2014. 5K Cameras are being used to shoot the film.
  • Porobashinee


2014’s Biggest Release is ‘Porobashinee’. The First ever Bangladeshi (Bengali Language) Science Fiction Film. Although the Producers didn’t reveal the Production Cost / Budget Yet, Porobashinee will be the one of most expensive Bangladeshi Film. The Film stars Mamnun Hasan Emon, Nirob, Mehazabien Chowdhury and Many Other Actors. It was reported that A Mainstream Bollywood Actress will be paired opposite Emon But Name wasn’t revealed. The film was shoot in 14 European Countries over a Period of 2 Years, The film was shoot using the Latest Technology (5K Camera; Red Epic and HDR Technology).
  • Shongram 1971


Shongram is a film about The Liberation War of 1971 and the most expensive war film ever made in Bangladesh. Made with a budget of 7 Crores; Shongram stars Ashif Reza Amaan and Dilruba Yasmeen Ruhi. The film is expected to release February 2014. Hollywood Star Asia Argento will be seen in a vital role. Anupham Kher will also be seen in a special role.
  • Ontorey Ontorey


Ontorey Ontorey was originally released on 1996 starring Salman Khan and Moushumi. Now Director Atiqur Rahman has decided to remake the film with Nirob and Amrita Khan. The film will release late 2014. 
  • Desha – The Leader


Desha – The Leader is an upcoming Bangladeshi Political Thriller produced by Jaaz Multimedia and Stars Shipan Mitra and Mahiya Mahi. 
  • The Story of Samara


The Story of Samara is first Ever Dhallywood’s Horror Film. Multi Starcast film The Story of Samara is scheduled to release by 2014. 700 Cameras were used to shoot the films from every angle, and the film also contains Heavy Special Effects and Daredevil Stunts.

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